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Outstanding Quality


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well"
Virginia Woolf

ShadeEats thrives to provide a private dining experience, different from any other. The Mission is to prepare an atmosphere filled with passion shown through the dishes in an environment that exudes elegance, sophistication and comfort in dining with others. 

It all started with a passion for the art of cooking. Shade, initially the food critique enjoyed talking about food and expressing her feeling about other people's food. She reveled in seeing the enjoyment and excitement in others when eating the food of other chefs, so much that she wanted those emotions for her own food. 

Therefore, ShadeEats came into fruition.

Nigerian Cuisine in a fine dining setting is not greatly represented in today's market. Therefore, ShadeEats' goal is to showcase Nigerian delicacies in an elevated and modern way without depriving us from real authentic bold flavors that are deeply rooted in my culture. My first love has always been food from home country and with gratitude, I have grown to appreciate other cultural influences and I hope you enjoy my fusions.

I Hope To Dine With You Soon!!



Where the Passion Begins



Head Cook

It all started with a passion for the art of cooking. As a food critique, I enjoyed talking about food and expressing my feelings about other people’s food. I reveled in seeing the enjoyment and excitement in others when eating food created by other chefs, so much so that I wanted that expression of emotion for my own culinary creations.
One of my greatest accomplishments was stepping out of the norm, walking by faith to pursue my culinary career. With a background in accounting, cooking was just something I did to escape from the mundane corporate world. But eventually I yearned for my escape to become my reality, so I made a decision to take a bold step and to enroll in a culinary institute. Little did I know, that this was the beginning to many more accomplishments. I believe strongly that being true to oneself and doing what brings you happiness and purpose will always be our greatest accomplishment.



Front of House & Back of House

My passion for cooking and customer service stems from my overall desire to see people enjoy experiences and if I had a hand in that, all the better.
One may think that my background in healthcare has very little to do with what I do with ShadeEats, but I would respectfully disagree. I thrive to not only see you thrive by enjoying an awesome ShadeEats meal but I also aim to have you emanate a glow from the inside out, from the attention we give to cleanliness and sanitation in the back and front of the house to the focus to safety we give to your food. We hope to dine with you and add positively to the memory of your occasion and experience.

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